Hiring Contract Please note as well the additional conditions

Before making a reservation, please carefully read the conditions of the contract. After entering your data and  paying the required 50% of the rent you agree with the following contract and general conditions.

1 Parties
A The lessor of the holiday cottage

Business name: BedandBikeAmsterdam
Address  (business/private); see hereafter
Telephone  +31646221522
Email         info@bedandbikeamsterdam.nl

Chamber of Commerce NL 55311814

Address of the holiday cottage
Noorder IJdijk 107
1023 NT Amsterdam


B Hirer of the holiday cottage

 Surname and initials

 Street and house number

 Postal code and City

 Telephone number

 ID card/passport number

Undersigned A, lessor of the holiday cottage, here after called the lessor, and undersigned, hirer of the holiday cottage, here after called the hirer, declare that they closed an agreement according to the following conditions.

2 Hire and rent
Parties close an agreement of hire and rent of a recreational cottage, hereafter called the residence, including the inventory as specified on the inventory list.
The inventory list should be inspected by both parties and signed with initials.

Name:                        The Garden House
Located in                  Amsterdam Noord
The residence may be used by a maximum of five persons.
Pets are not allowed.
Smoking is not permitted inside.

3 Renting period
The renting period starts on (dd/mm/yr/hr)

 on   ---                     ----                   20--                   --   hours

and finishes

on   ---                     -----                   20--                  --   hours.

At the above mentioned time the hirer should report on the below mentioned address in order to receive / hand in keys, instructions, formalities and so on.

Address of the holiday cottage
Noorder IJdijk 107
1023 NT Amsterdam

4 The Rent, security charge and down payment

Rent €          including 6% Value Added Tax (VAT)

Amount in letters:

Other costs
Security                        €250
Tourist tax 5,5%           
Prepayment of rent:            
Outstanding amount:               
Outstanding amount to be paid (3 months before the start of the renting period)

Payment by bank transfer

Bank account number:    708237576      CF Engelhard, Amsterdam
IBAN (international Bank Account Number) NL61SNSB0708237576 
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): SNSBNL2A 

For Payment via Paypal please use  info@bedandbikeamsterdam.nl)
Payment by cheque is not accepted.

5 Insurance
The lessor has insured the recreational cottage including the inventory against damage, theft and third party through Nationale Nederlanden Schadeverzekerings Mij.N.V. Insurance policy numbers: 5444-0020358 en 5444-0020359.
Excess on the insurance for the owner: € 250

6 Contact person
1 Anrik CF Engelhard, Noorder IJdijk 107
Phone: +31(0)646221522

2 Carla van Beek, same address as  above
Phone: +31(0)646624074

2 Name Mr Ruben Heikoop, Noorder IJdijk 95
Phone +31(0) 640240235

7 Specific Arrangements


8 Signing
In this manner agreed upon and signed in duplicate

Date                            Place

Signature of the lessor


Signature of the hirer


Conditions for Hiring

A Obligations of the lessor
The lessor is obliged to timely make available the residence, as agreed upon in this agreement. A proper insurance should be concluded for the residence and inventory. The insurance should cover damage during the renting period.
To arrange that the contact person gives access to the premises of the residence.
To give sufficient instructions in advance, for the use of the residence and its accessories.

B Obligations of the hirer
-The hirer is obligatory to pay the rent and security charge, respectively the costs of cancellation, even if the facility is not used or used for a shorter period of time.
-To use the residence with care, in agreement with its purpose.
-To follow up the instructions of the lessor.
-Not to handover the use of the residence to others or to rent it to others.
-To take care for the fulfillment of the rules for the house and premises of the lessor. 
-To leave behind the residence in the same condition as at the start of the renting period, except for normal wear and tear.

C Security charge
As part of the reservation procedure the hirer pays a security to the lessor.
This sum will be refunded without deduction of administrational costs and the like.  However, debts of the hirer will be deducted.

D Cancellation by the hirer
Cancellation by the hirer should be done in writing, preferably by registered letter.
At cancellation the hirer is indebted to pay the following cancellation costs:

In case of cancellation costs are involved:

More than 3 months before start of the renting period: 15% of the rent
2 to 3 months before: 50% of the rent
1 to 2 months before: 70% of the rent
1 day to 1 month before: 90% of the rent
Less than 1 day before: 100% of the rent

If the residence for the agreed period (or part of it) can be rented to a third, cancellation costs will be reduced with the rent.

The lessor may charge a fixed sum of €25 and may charge in addition, reasonable costs of cancellation to the hirer.

E Non Compliance
1 If one of the parties fails to comply with the agreement, than the other party has the right to dissolve the agreement, unless the failure is extraordinary in its kind or of a minor meaning

2 In case of dissolution, there is a claim on compensation for possible damage, unless the failure is due to this party itself.
If the holiday is partially or completely spoiled by the failure, the hirer can make a claim for compensation.
In case of dissolution, respectively partial dissolution, due to shortcomings of the lessor, the lessor will reimburse paid rent and security charge, in balance with the dissolution.

3 If the residence is not available, or not in time the hirer has a right to receive 25%of the rent. This in addition to a complete compensation as described in article 1.

4 If the hirer clears the residence later than agreed upon, the lessor will be within one's right for a proportional increase of the rent and compensation may result for the damage caused during the period of rent.

F Damage
1 In case of any damage by loss, confiscation, considerable damage to the residence the hirer consults the lessor. Hirer must comply with instructions of the lessor.

2 Hirer is responsible for damage occurring during the period of rent including related costs, unless the damage is covered by the insurance. Meant here is the insurance that is supposed to be effective as part of this agreement. The maximum compensation is equal to the security charge.

3 If the lessor has to pay the own risk, this damage will be recovered from the hirer.

G Appropriate law and settlement of disputes
On this agreement Dutch law is applicable. Only the Dutch judge is competent to disputes.  If regarding the dispute a dispute authority is competent, the dispute can be presented to this authority.




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